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It is hard to find any online casino that does not have a great bonus program. This can take on various sizes and shapes and can be north of hundreds of euros with the best providers, like Slothino. Most websites lure new customers with a deposit bonus. This means you can get, for example, a 100% bonus on your first and sometimes even second, third and even fourth and fifth deposit, with a maximum of a couple of hundred euro.

But how do the ‘old school’ brick-and-mortar casinos tackle the bonus system? Are they as generous as their online competitors? Do they entice new customers in the same way as online casinos do? In this article, you can read all about the bonus system and perks casinos in Las Vegas provide to make sure gamblers pick their spot and stay loyal. Of course, we tackle the most interesting subjects, like comps, perks and tricks, and the life of high rollers at Las Vegas.

Online bonus hunters

Let’s start with a relatively new term that’s been popping up more frequently in the last years. Online bonus hunters have gotten a bit of a reputation in the online casino world. These gamblers have been known to switch casinos on a regular basis just to make use of welcome bonuses in the most optimal way. While this technically is allowed, online casinos of course do not intend the system to work this way.

The welcome bonus is a marketing tool aimed at attracting new customers. Normally this is the most generous bonus the casino provides. For existing customers and regulars there are reload bonuses, cash backs, free spins, and most of the time a VIP system. While all of this is great to use, frequently they do not stack up against the vast amount online casinos give away in the welcome bonus program.

The big question is if it is worth going bonus hunting? This is a difficult one to answer and it most of all depends on your targets when gambling. One of the requirements for bonus hunting is that you need to play quite a lot in a short period and are only focused on getting a quick profit before moving on. It might also require you to play certain slots which you normally might pass by on. Bonus hunting might be a tiny bit profitable in the long run, but it most certainly will not increase the fun you have when gambling at an online casino.

Can you get a bonus at Las Vegas casinos?

If you’re wondering if everyone who is entering a Las Vegas casino for the first time gets a handout with free cash, then the obvious answer is no. A more nuanced view is that, yes, Las Vegas casinos have something like a bonus system in place for both new and existing customers. You can get various perks for free and using the complimentary or comps system can save you a lot of money in the long run. We’ll tell you how this works.

Comps at Las Vegas

Want to make use of the comps system in Las Vegas? Then the first step is acquiring a player or loyalty card. Most of the big casinos in ‘Sin City’ have some sort of player card you can get when either staying or gambling at the casino. This system works with loyalty points. The more you are spending at the casino and their restaurants, bars, and hotels, the more you can get back in comps.

Some of the comps you can get at an average Las Vegas casino includes:

  • Game credit
  • Discounts on your stay in the hotel
  • Free dinners and drinks
  • Upgrades on your stay
  • Tickets to shows
  • Free parking
  • Entry to slot tournaments and table tournaments

Perks and tricks to lure customers

Next to this comps system Las Vegas casinos use a wide variety of tricks to lure customers. This includes perks like free drinks, free parking, and some free tournaments or a free chance to win a jackpot. Other extra’s to get customers to their casino might include:

  • Free shows by some of the best artists in the world
  • Spectacular decorations, like the gondolas in The Venetian
  • Outdoor shows

High roller extra’s

The life of a high roller in Las Vegas is something else. These ‘whales’ as they are sometimes referred to by casinos are known to spend thousands or even millions of dollars when visiting a casino. Of course, the casinos make sure these high rollers are not missing out on anything. Extra services for these rich gamblers can be limo services, free suites, free dinners and drinks, own VIP tables, and might even include private jets and private gambling rooms in the casino.

While these high rollers might get the best extra’s, this certainly does not mean that the regular joe visiting the Las Vegas gambling rooms will be forgotten.

What are the terms and conditions?

The main difference between the online casino bonuses and the extras you can find at Las Vegas is that the online providers are aimed at attracting new customers. They lure them with compelling bonus money and free spins with tight terms and conditions because the casino want to earn money, not loose any. The Las Vegas casinos have customer loyalty as their number one priority. If you spend more at one casino or at the casino resort you will get more benefits and perks. Casino hopping, like bonus hunters do, is not profitable at all in Las Vegas. Being loyal is rewarded and can earn you hundreds of dollars in perks and extra’s.

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