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slothino bonus free spin guide

Online casinos like to reward new players with a variety of bonuses. This marketing tool can be very effective and useful for both the casino and you as a player. Next to an increase in your bankroll from the deposit bonus, another popular bonus is free spins.

Not sure what you can do with free spins, where you can and cannot use them, and what you specifically need to look for in the terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible to keep your profit? You can read all you need to know about free spins at online casinos like Slothino on this page.

What are free spins?

So-called slots, video slots, or fruit machines are amongst the most popular games in online casinos world-wide. The game originated in New York at the end of the 19th century. At that time gamblers needed to insert a nickel and pull a lever to start a game. This game had five rotating, or spinning, drums.

With time the game evolved to the complete digital version we are familiar with today. Video slots use Random Number Generators to get truly random resorts. Some of the terminology from the old days has remained. One of these terms is to ‘spin’ the drums or reels. This means starting a new game.

A free spin, therefore, allows you to play a free game at one or more slots in an online casino. You won’t pay anything and take no risk, but nevertheless, the profit will be all yours.

How can I earn free spins?

The best online casinos, like Slothino, give away plenty of free spins to both new and loyal players. There are many different types of free spin promotions:

  • Free spins deposit bonus: you get a certain amount of free spins for the deposit you have made. Online casinos tend to link this with a welcome bonus.
  • Free spins no deposit bonus: some casinos give away free spins to players before they even make a deposit. You do have to register to be able to use these free spins.
  • Free spin promotions of free spin prizes: if a casino launches new slots you could get some free spins as part of a promotion. The same goes for prizes from a casino tournament or as a reward for VIP-players.

How and where can I use my Slothino free spins?

Slothino offers massive free spins deposit bonuses for new players. There is a maximum of 150 free spins up for grabs, divided over multiple days. The Slothino free spins are only valid on a few selected slots. The eligible games are clearly stated in the description of the bonus.

You can use your Slothino free spins by claiming the welcome bonus and then starting the qualifying slot game. The remaining free spins will be stated in the slot.

Take note of the wagering requirements

As much as online casinos like you, they are not in the business to give handouts. You can profit hugely from the welcome bonus, but you need to adhere to the rules stated in the bonus terms and conditions. You must read it properly before starting your gaming adventure at Slothino.

Notable wagering requirements include:

  • How much time you have to use free spins and to wager your profits
  • The minimum amount of wagering of the profits you have gained with free spins
  • The games you can and cannot use to wager your profits
  • Country restrictions

Make the most of your free spins bonus!

Free spins can give your gambling adventure a boost when starting out Slothino. Use the welcome bonus, including the free spins, wisely. Enjoy the opportunity to play without the risk of losing, but with the possibility to win big! 

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